Scaffold installations in Sydney for professionals and amateurs alike – MyScaffold

Installing scaffolding can be a real pain.  It seems that every time you try to set up scaffolding on your own, it ends up looking dodgy, wobbling at the top, and generally taking an extremely long time, which slows down whatever job you are trying to get done.  MyScaffold do scaffold installations in Sydney for exactly this purpose, because after a while in the scaffolding industry, we have noticed that customers are really trying to get the job done, not to sit around trying to figure out how to put scaffolding together.

We have an experienced team of licensed technicians who are qualified to set up a scaffold anywhere, so you can rest assured that your scaffolding will be set up correctly, the first time, and with a minimum of fuss.

With prices starting from $6.50 a day for scaffold hire in Sydney, we are the professional option for people from any industry.  If you would like added peace of mind, we offer certification from third party consultants to unsure that your scaffolding is fit and ready for use on your next job.

If you would like to have a look at some photos of our products, we have a gallery page that shows some of our range, or alternatively you can have a look at our homepage where you can see our scaffolding installation video for more information.

If you would like to find out more about our different services and products, or to find out how we can help you with all your scaffolding needs, have a look at our about us page.  If you’re still stuck and you can’t figure out if we are the right company for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 0408-55-77-55 and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

If you would prefer to email us instead of calling us, that isn’t a problem either, our email address is [email protected]  and we monitor it during business hours, so you can be sure that we will get back to you promptly. If that doesn’t work for you, please try our contact us page, or you can send us a message via our Facebook page.